DecksGo Talks Fence Toppers | Fence Armor

Hey do you want to take your fence from ordinary to extraordinary? Let me show you how I’ve got a new idea here for you, many of you may already be aware of our new Snap and Lock product where we developed a sideways installed connector system to work with traditional balusters so now you can install balusters sideways as one person. You don't have to be an octopus you can do it in seconds as opposed to you know endless hassle putting the old plug style in. Well we decided to come up with a solution for fencing this year because people really love the Snap Lock System so we developed something called the Fence Topper System. It's 10 balusters and 20 connectors, 20 screws and it's at the right height, the right elevation that you can put in like a one foot section of balusters for the top of your fence, so we call it the Fence Topper and it uses our patent-pending uh Snap and Lock Connector System, which snaps and locks. It it really can change the look of an old fence or if you're building new of course you can start right from new. Just to refresh how it all works, I made this little demonstration here. The connectors screw into the the frame uh the connect, the collars go around the baluster and then it's simply snap, snap, align the male tab with the female opening and you lock it like so and you snap it and that is something you're going to really love. So look for the Fence Toppers coming at you this year, thank you very much.