Decks Go Talks Postsaver® | Fence Armor

If you're building a fence or putting any kind of wood post in the ground you know that you're going to be faced with the age-old problem of how to protect it from rotting and I don't know if you're aware or not but most of the rot basically occurs in the top 12 inches of the soil. It's fascinating you know you can dig a post and remove it from the ground and you can pull it three feet out, you can sometimes see like a staple and a plastic label on the on the end of that post. It it hasn't rusted it's all intact and that's because it's so far deep into the soil, it's cold and there's not enough oxygen for any rot to get going, so where you see that rot happening is in that upper 12 inches. It's just the right temperature, it's got the right ingredients and bacteria and termites and ants all kinds of little animals and critters. They love to live in that zone so what do you do? Someone has put their mind to this and created the Postsaver which is a really simple sleeve system this is a a heat shrinkable seal. It's it's got an oil sealant on the inside here and this actually goes on the post right in that zone where the post is going to be near the ground level and it's it's heated with a torch and it shrinks and creates a waterproof airtight seal and that's the secret. That's the secret, it's really inexpensive, it's a very affordable solution so if you've got lots of posts to go in the ground you got to think about the Postsaver. Keep it in mind, real simple, take your post and just slide it in. Now you're going to have to get the right diameter for the type of post that you have that's clearly laid out. You can decide whether you want a regular 4x4 or 6x6, 8x8 or round, that's all laid out in the selection process but it really is that simple just gonna take this post sleeve and now heat it with a torch. Obviously my hands aren't gonna be near where the torch is but it's it doesn't take much it melts it shrinks and what you end up with is this kind of a finish. You can see that this is on there really good you could if this was a pointed post like a like, let's say a round log and you were driving these into the ground, this is on the wood so securely that it's not even going to scratch this off. So I highly recommend you think about this product, it's the Postsaver uh if you if you want to put a post in the ground and forget about it this is the product to use.