Commonly Overlooked Fence Maintenance Tasks

You have a list of fence maintenance tasks to do each season, don’t you? You know, those tasks essential to a long fence life and protecting your investment in the structure? Every fence owner should carry out fence maintenance at least once a year. If you don’t you are only asking for trouble.

There are fence maintenance tasks to do annually, but the important thing is to do them. Even experienced owners forget one or two tasks, but there are the overlooked ones too. At Fence Armor® we know that commonly overlooked fence maintenance tasks that may come back to haunt you. Problems that you had not thought about could spell big trouble for your fence.

Some commonly overlooked fence maintenance tasks are:

  • Pruning around the fence
  • Keeping the yard and garden clean
  • Cleaning is an overlooked fence maintenance task
  • Take a look at what’s happening beneath

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Pruning around the fence 

If you have an older fence, you may know about this fence maintenance task. The trees, shrubs, and hedging grow up and around your fence. Some people like it as it keeps the fence hidden from view. If you are a rural fence owner, you may know the problem of wild bushes and saplings taking over the fence.

Branches can do a lot of damage to a fence by scraping the protective surface of a wood or metal fence. Exposed surfaces allow in termites, moisture, and mildew – none of which are good for your fence. Sunlight and wind cannot get in behind overgrowth, which creates perfect conditions for all the bad guys to get a hold in the wood. The roots of trees burrow into and underneath the fence posts deep in the dirt. A lopsided fence post can quickly weaken the structure.

Every year you need to get the pruning shears out and cut back those branches. Do not plant trees too close to the fence. If you have done so, you may need to cut them back or transplant to elsewhere on the property.

Pruning around the fence is one of the biggest commonly overlooked fence maintenance tasks.

Pruning bushes

Keeping the yard and garden clean 

Termites and other wood-eating pests love a fresh fence. They can smell that wood from miles away and make eating it a priority for the family. Bugs can quickly burrow into a fence to lay their eggs and let the larvae eat their way out again.

You can stop them from getting a head start by keeping the yard and garden clean. It is a commonly overlooked fence maintenance task that is easily avoidable. Brush up all the leaves and branches. Tidy away the kids’ garden toys for the winter and keep the grass under control. Termites and other bugs love a hideout when taking hold in the yard.

When tidying the yard, always dispose of what you gather in piles. Burn the old leaves and cut branches during the fall. Do not leave them lying around for termites to gather before starting an all-out assault on your fence.

Cleaning leaves

Cleaning is an overlook fence maintenance task 

Your fence needs a good clean, at least once a year. Some people leave it to mother nature, hoping that a good fall of rain will keep the fence clean. Not so, and cleaning is vital for fence maintenance.

After a summer of the kids playing in the garden, the fence will need cleaning. The fall wind will blow leaves and any loose grass and paper against the fence. Even a dry summer creates a lot of dust which gathers on the wood or metal and creates its own problems. Invest in a power washer or hire one for the weekend. If you have a lot of fencing, it may be an idea to employ a contractor to wash the fence.

Keeping the fence clean is a commonly overlooked fence maintenance task that needs to be done every year.

Cleaning a fence

Take a look at what's happening beneath

Fence maintenance is not all about what you see when doing an inspection. There can be plenty going on beneath the surface which needs your attention.

Snow, ice, roots, and wandering wildlife can undermine the foundations of the fence posts. All that freezing, thawing, and bashing can crack the concrete or loosen the posts in the soil.

When walking around the fence area, give those posts a push and pull. If they feel loose in the soil or concrete, you may need to strengthen the base. Do not ignore a loose post, or it may blow over during a winter storm.

Commonly overlooked fence maintenance tasks can lead to a lot of fence damage.

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