Caleb Roth of Stain & Seal Experts Talks Fence Armor CAP CLAW™ Fence Post Caps

These are metal post caps and they're made by Fence Armor. These are made in America which I really like and they fit on any size fence post so they're really cool, they're powder coated, they’re made of steel and zinc and the zinc actually comes from right here in Tennessee just a few miles up the road from us and they're a great post cap because a couple reasons. One you can put any type of finial on the top that you want and they've got a whole offering of Finials that you can use or you can go with a standard flat cap and they have the patented CAP CLAW™ in here and what that allows it to do is it allows this post cap to work on any size fence post uh from a 3 1/2" all the way up to 4 1/8" and those in the Pacific Northwest, they get a lot of the 4 1/8" posts and they're really hard to find a cap for. These will work and so the cool thing is they're so easy to put on you don't have to screw them on or nail them on you just simply take them out of the package and you put them on the post and there it is they're on there.