Building Materials to Consider for a Fence

There are many building materials for a fence, and choosing the right one is important. When thinking of building a new fence or extending an existing one, you need to get everything right. If you choose the wrong building materials for a fence, you could be buying a whole lot of trouble. Getting it right, though, will give you a fence that lasts for many years and so much more for your home and yard.

At Fence Armor®, we know about fences and the building materials for a fence. Our clients give us feedback on how their fences are going, and our experts have years of experience. When we design our fence protection products, we look at all materials. Research has shown us the best building materials for a fence, and now we want to share the results with you, our customers.

Included on the list of building materials for a fence is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Wood fences are beautiful

Take a look around the neighborhood. The chances are that many fellow homeowners have wood fences on the property. The look, feel, and smell of a wood fence in the summer can turn a house into a home. Wood fences are lovely and with the right fence protection products will last for years.

You can paint a wood fence or leave the natural grain come through by staining and sealing it. A traditional picket fence can be a great border with the neighbors and be a place to stop and chat. The privacy fence may hide a busy street or keep the nosey neighbors out of your family’s fun.

Wood Fence

A metal fence is excellent for security

There is something very safe and secure about a metal fence. If you are lucky to have an old iron fence on your property, then take care of it, as it will probably outlast you. Modern fences are made of stainless steel or aluminum – building materials for a fence that are durable and low maintenance.

An ornate metal fence will add plenty of curb value to your home. The great extra of stainless steel or aluminum is that they will not rust or blemish, very low maintenance. Security is a big plus as they are difficult to climb, cut or ram with a car. The family and pets will be safe behind a metal fence.

Metal fence

Vinyl fences are very durable

Modern vinyl building materials for a fence are of the highest standards. Vinyl will not bleach in the sun, the colors will not flake or fade, and the fence will still look great in 20 years. Having such a durable fence on the property is ideal when looking for a low-maintenance option for older folks.

A tall vinyl privacy fence is a magnificent sight in your garden. Vinyl picket fences look just as good as wooden ones. There is also a great choice in colors and always choose a vinyl fence that is UV resistant. The many styles of vinyl fencing available as well as a choice of fence protection products.

Vinyl fence

Natural fences grow with the landscape

If planning laws let you away with it, why not consider a natural fence somewhere on the property. Maybe you have a front lawn that is just too much grass. By building a natural fence through the center of earth and stone, you will also get a spot to grow plants, trees and encourage wildlife.

Natural building materials for a fence may be from fallen trees or branches. You can build a fence from the free material and get years of enjoyment from your labors. When you see the landscape and the fence growing together, you will see the benefits of a natural fence in the backyard.

Natural Fence

Always protect any building material for a fence

Every fence needs an annual maintenance plan. You will need to clean a vinyl fence, stain and seal a wood fence and check for damage to a metal one. Fence protection products are vital and add many years of life to your investment. The good news is that we have all you need for your fence.

Fence Armor® Post Guards protect the fence post base from attack by the grass trimmer or nibbling animals. Our Postsaver® Sleeves protect at the crucial ground-line level where rot can get a hold. Stain & Seal Experts products protect every wood fence from the effects of weather and UV rays.

Fence Protection

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