Before Firing Up the Mowers and Trimmers, Be Sure to Check This List

It’s that time of year again. Yes, summer is on its way, and soon the neighborhood will be alive with buzzing bees, singing birds, and happy kids. Of course the mowers and trimmers will be out too, cutting and nipping and keeping the gardens tidy. A big problem is that the mowers and trimmers have been in storage since the fall. You never know what will happen when firing them up for the first time in months.

A checklist for mower and trimmer servicing is essential for this time of the year. If you plan a weekend of getting the yard under control, you will need all your tools ready. At Fence Armor® we know that yard equipment may not work properly, or at all, after the winter’s hibernation. Be prepared is the motto to follow here.

Included on the list to checklist for mowers and trimmers is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Check for broken parts and loose bits

Go back to the end of the fall. Remember that last cut and trim before the winter arrived? Did you clean the mowers and trimmers before putting them in storage? If not, do now and hope that old grass didn’t rot and do too much damage. A clean machine always works best come the summer.

The checklist for mowers and trimmers should include broken parts. Before flicking any switches examine each part fully. You should do this before putting away the equipment in the fall. Nuts, bolts, and screws come loose over the winter months, so tighten and replace any rusted ones.

Checklist for mowers and trimmers

Change the oil before starting up

The chances are that the lubricating oil in the has been lying in the tank since this time last year. Not a good idea, and old, dirty oil can block and stop a machine from working properly. You should really drain the oil before storing away the mower and trimmer, in case of any leaks over the winter.

Always use fresh oil in all yard equipment before starting up after the winter. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and only use high-grade oil. Do not pour new oil on top of the old stuff in the tank. Drain the tank fully and dispose of the old oil safely.

Mowers and trimmers - Change the oil


Fresh gas for the mowers and trimmers

Like the engine oil, you should also drain the gas tank before storing away the yard equipment for the winter. A good idea is to drain it and then let the engine run, so there is not any gas left in the pipes. Oil and gas can corrode engine pipes if left sitting in them throughout the winter.

Mowers and trimmers will only operate efficiently with the correct mix and grade of gas. Consult the manufacturer’s manual about the fuel mix to put in the gas tank. If you can purchase a premixed tank of gas from the hardware store or garden center, it would be of big help.

Checklist for mowers and trimmers - Change the gas in the mower

Sharpen the blades and trim the cord

As sure as the summer means barbecues, you will find the mower blades are dull after the winter. Even if you clean and sharpen them in the fall, they still won’t cut butter for you now. A sharp blade means a good, clean cut every time, while you need to trim the cord on the grass trimmer too.

Many hardware stores and garden centers offer a blade sharpening service. You should be able to bring the mower to them, and they will do the rest. If the trimmer cord is old, there is no harm in replacing it with a fresh roll. Cutting and trimming will never be as good as the first ones of summer.

Yard equipment - Trim the trimmer line

Check all the filters too

Doing this part of the early season checklist for mowers and the trimmers is vital. Filters clog and get dirty and after a while stop being effective. The air filter will clog with pollen and other particles from the atmosphere. A fuel filter catches impurities that stop engines running smoothly.

Replace them with high-grade, well-known brand name items. Do not skimp here, as cheap parts will only do long-term damage to all yard equipment. Always check the spark plugs and replace them too. If the mower doesn’t start, even with fresh fuel, the spark plug probably needs replacing.

Checklist for mowers and trimmers - Check trimmer filter

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At Fence Armor® we know all about early summer preparations for your yard equipment. Having your checklist for mowers and trimmers on hand will help keep them working during the summer. Do not forget the fence protection when cutting the grass. Ask our experts for advice on your next project. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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