BC Fence Professional Installs Postsaver | Fence Armor


Hey guys I’m Andy, from The One Stop Fence Shop here in Maple Ridge BC. We’re the exclusive distributors of a product called Postsaver here in British Columbia. It's a patented sleeve originating from England it's been around for over 25 years so it's got proven technology that it does work. It's made up of PVC exterior and a bitumen formula on the inside that once heated adheres to the wood post with the wood grains giving it full protection. This is a 10-foot post so we like to move the sleeve up to 34 inches because hole depth at ground level is 32 the key of having the two inches above ground is to protect it as critters, moisture and bacteria wants to thrive around this point and this is the weakest point for the post to snap so having two inches above gives you that extra protection. It’s a simple installation practice, just soft heat. It helps the sleeve melt to the post and continuously shrinks with an extra 12 to 18 hours even once in the ground. Remember that these sleeves are the only product on the market that will guarantee no rot, the warranty is phenomenal. If there's any rot within 20 years a new post will be installed and then to finish it up we use warm soapy water, just a force and we're not looking to force the bitumen out we're just looking to sandwich the sleeve to the post. These sleeves are available in stores and online pre sleeved, we also sell the sleeves loose to homeowners, contractors and retailers. If you interested get in touch, it's the future for wood posts. Thanks.