An Inside Look at The Fence Armor Premium-Quality, Self-Drilling Screws | Fence Armor

Hi I'm Al Martins, this is a little less casual video but I want to talk about our Fence Armor screws. These aren't just any screws, we had these screws specifically made for us with Pittsburgh steel. They're not made in China. One of two or three manufacturing companies left in all of North America that are still producing screws. So, we had these made and you'll notice they're powder coated to match. So if you get Black, you get White, you get Almond, you get Clay whatever the color is, in this case Redwood, you'll be able to match that powder coat and you can see how it fits in there and looks great. Here you'll see it in the Galv (Galvanized Steel) and you're going to say "what's that other hole there Al". Is that a defect? No we stuck that there on purpose just to show you at the tip of our screws it looks like a self-tapping tip which it is but it's also known as a drill so it's a drill bit that's cut into here which allows you if you had a scenario where you had to adjust Fence Armor to let's say fit into another piece of Fence Armor for overlapping you could actually drill through the Fence Armor with the tip, with the same bit and then of course go straight into your substrate. So that drill bit is used of course primarily for vinyl and pvc application so you don't have to pre-drill it because otherwise it'll create a burr but with our fasteners you'll be able to drill and then thread it right in. You'll notice too the head is quite magnificent it's what they call a Quadrex head. A Quadrex head allows you to use a square or also known as a Robertson bit which is preferred by contractors. It's more secure or you can use a standard Phillips bit to drive your fasteners in. You'll also notice that the thread goes straight up to the head which allows perfect application for composite or vinyl or pvc style fences where you have a very thin wall potentially and you need to get the drive right up to the head. So those are Fence Armor screws, perfect application for our products or any other areas where you need a shallow depth pre-drill screw.