Adjusting Post Height with the Thumper | Mr Fence Tools | Fence Armor

You've seen this? I did actually. So there's a that's a dead blow. Inside it has bbs. We need to stop building fences like granddad and start building fence like our kids will need to in the future. This is Mr. Fence Tools. Hey guys, Shawn King with Mr. Fence Tools, let's talk about some tools right, more specifically tools that are related to our fence industry we've got some cool stuff. The first one I want to talk about is the Thumper, so what this tool does it allows us to adjust the height of the post after they've been set using a dry set method so that would be on the same day of installation if you're going to adjust the height by driving them down because it just wasn't just a little bit too high, we use this guy called the Thumper. This guy right here right so what's unique about this is it looks like a sledgehammer however the handle is at an angle from the head this allows us to get to a top of a six foot tall post and be able to hold the handle comfortably and the head hit flat on top of the post. That's very important that we hit flat for maximum impact on top of the post inside this head is about 25 pounds, there's some metal slag in here so it's more of a dead blow action. So as we hit the top of the post, we don't have the sledgehammer bouncing so the Thumper will be nice solid impact to control and drive the post into the ground. So it looks like this and hit flat so pretty cool tool, come check it out, let’s go see it used in the field. We're going to move these posts up and down to make it in line utilizing this little guy and then this tool the Protector to protect the top of the post. For years we would do this with a sledgehammer and hit the top of this post and the problem is you need to split the top of this thing, dent the top of this thing at the end of the day you're going to mark it up at the very least you're going to mark it up we can all agree that this does not look good. That one down there is really high you’ve seen this? I did actually so there's a that's a dead blow inside. It has bbs all right if I have to move a lot I'll climb up on top of the fence, if I make a small adjustment that's why there's an angled handle. We want to hit that flat, that's why this angle this handle is angled okay but if I go a long ways I can climb up on the fence, it would be here if I have to drive it a long ways right.