Our New Partnership Is A Very Successful One

The spring of 2018 brought a lot of excitement to the Fence Armor® team. There was the usual great fun of spreading the word of our products and of course helping our customers with their post protection. The most recent and big news for Fence Armor was our new distributor, Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum, Inc.

We were pleased to strategically align ourselves with Jim Buker and his team at Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum. Our mission is to team up with suppliers and partners who have the same code of ethics and level of customer service as Fence Armor®. It is something we pride ourselves on and look for in any other company supplying us.

By combining Jim's years of experience in the fencing industry with our number one post protection products, we knew the partnership was sure to be a winning one.

Who is Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum?

When we went looking for a company to partner with in the Minnesota area, we took our time. Eventually, we found Jim Buker, and immediately we were struck by their experience and insistence on quality.

Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum has been providing quality, maintenance-free products since 1993. You are talking about just under 30 years of knowing the market and providing customer service. It is the type of experience you cannot buy.

Jim Buker started working for Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum in 2003 and bought it in 2013. Since purchasing the business, Jim’s wife Terri has joined the team, as has their son Taylor. Taylor even worked for the company while at college.

Today the company is a woman-owned family business dedicated to serving the good people of Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Minnesota Vinyl and Aluminum

What products do they supply?

It would probably be easier to list the products they do not supply.

Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum work with STAR aluminum railing and Wolf PVC decking. They supple porch enclosures, vinyl fencing, aluminum fencing, and a lot more besides.  Over the last three years they have been supplying Fence Armor® products, which is what gets us excited.

When you look at their website, you see the great products and our fence protection ones they supply. Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum also works with Durascreen, Eze Breeze, and ProSlat, who can solve all your storage solutions. Specialty products from the company include deck lighting, awnings, arbors, and alternate fencing.

After dealing with Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum over the last few years, we believe that if they do not stock a product, you probably don’t need it.

What all this means for Fence Armor®?

Being one of the companies supplying Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum means a lot to Fence Armor®.

We see our name and products beside some of the best in the business, which makes us proud. It also means that our Post Guards, Postsaver® Sleeves, and other top products are now available to an even broader market.

In our years with the Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum team, we have seen nothing but professional service. Our market is growing, and we can relax knowing that our clients are fully serviced. You know you are on the right track when you can offer your products alongside Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum’s other clients.

We hope to grow our business and our connections with Jim and Terri Bucker into a partnership that always keeps the client out front and supplies the best products.

What it means to our customers

We invite our customers, both new and existing ones, to warmly welcome Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum. As we say, Jim and his team serve Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Iowa. They have Fence Armor® products alongside all their other ones, and sales are looking good.

Feel free to call the Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum team for your post protection needs for every type and style of fence, mailbox, or signpost.

They even accommodate rural applications for farm and round post fencing.

Happy customers

Call us - 888-289-5617

At Fence Armor® we believe in building solid partnerships. We went into business with Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum, and it has been a success. Ask our experts for advice on all our products. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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