A Morning with Davis Fences & The ULTIMATE Trimmer Defense | Fence Armor

We got the chance to spend the morning with the Davis Fences Team to share with them all things Postsaver and Fence Armor, plus we saw the ultimate trimmer defence. Postsaver Sleeves work by keeping out the wood destroying fungi, moisture and oxygen necessary for wood decay to occur and Fence Armor protects against weed trimmer damage. Learn more about how to become an Postsaver Installer. Visit: https://www.postsaver.com/ A match made in heaven - Postsaver protects below and Fence Armor protects above! Fence Armor is the perfect product to protect against weed trimmer damage. It is great for home-owners, lawn & landscape professionals, as well as those in the fence industry. Differentiate yourself from the crowd and get Fence Armor today