5 Reasons Why Stain & Seal Experts Should Be Your "Go To" Stain | Fence Armor

Hey fence contractors, fence stainers, painters, check this out man. We do staining, we manufacture the best oil based stains in the world. They're low VOC, they're so easy to use, so easy to clean up. I'll show you a project we just finished we like these Graco sprayers they put out a lot of product even with the cheaper models. Look at that man it just makes a great job just flood coat it on use a big fat tip it's a 521 tip I believe oh a 323's using the 323 on this one a little narrower but a bigger orifice so putting out a lot of product. Let's check this out this looks real uneven at first, we want to flood it, we want runs, we want we want it to look like that but what's going to happen after 10-15 minutes as you see this is you know it took him two minutes to get from here to there look how it's starting to even itself out look how it's uh look at this it's making it change after about 10-15 minutes. This stain completely self-levels it, there's no runs the only thing you've got to do is get it on the wood. Missed a spot on this fence we're using EXPERT Stain & Seal Pecan deck stain or fence stain i'm sorry on this fence just show you how it works a little bit get it on your brush start at the top we just like to flood it on there get it on nice and thick it will do all the work for you you don't have to level it, you don't really have to back brush anything and uh you just go to town. You can be a stain and seal expert too how about that. All right using the wrong kind of brush here this brush is made for latex stains water-based doesn't hold much product but just to show you that you can you can use anything you got laying around to stain with, this is a Pecan stain on a western red cedar fence the pickets are western red cedar the framework as you'll notice is treated pine it's about 20 20 degrees last night it's about 32 degrees right now we sprayed this a little while ago and I'm just doing a walk through checking it checking it all out making sure everything looks good, our stains washed right off the vinyl siding with soap and water or we've got some other stuff a little better than that. These metal gate frames you wipe them down you don't mask them off you spray right over them you wipe them down with a clean rag same thing with this gate hardware, we didn’t, we didn't mask any of that we just wipe it off when we're done it's the beauty of these oil based stains.