6" in x 4"in Redwood Fence Armor

Hi guys, I'm Al Martins from Fence Armor. I just wanted to share with you a product that we refer to as 6 by 6 vinyl. The "V" just really means it's dimensional. This product measures 6 inches across, and of course if you put them together like this, they will be 6 inches in the opposite direction. So 6 by 6. But you'll notice as you squeeze them together like an accordion, you can get your 4 inches right there. So now you've got 4 by 6, and if your wood is fluctuated a little bit of course, it slides. So it does not have to be, exactly true. You place a fastener here on the face, you place another one on this face, you place at the level you want on your post, and you got yourself a 6 by 4 piece of Fence Armor. Thank you.