How To Increase Your Profits As A Lawn And Landscape Professional

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The green industry is on the up and up and that means there is lots of competition, so now is the time to differentiate yourself from your fellow professionals. Here are a couple of ways you can do so:

Providing Fence Armor:

This is a GREAT way to differentiate yourself. You are probably thinking "of course you are going to say that, it is your product." Well, not only do we support our product but we have also seen the benefits with our own eyes. In Burlington, Ontario there is a company named Davis Fences and they have started using Fence Armor and in turn have seen great success and partnership from it.

Not only are you offering a solution for the damage to their posts, but you are building a greater trust between you and your customer - making for a great up-sell. Then there is the added bonus of increased productivity.

Creating A Schedule:

If you are just starting out, a schedule may not be as important, as you probably have an easier time of knowing exactly where you need to be...BUT it is also never too early to start. If you are growing on the other hand, this is a MUST. You don't want to be missing appointments, or showing up late - therefore disappointing customers.

Many veteran professionals in the industry recommend investing in some version of a tracking system. Many that are offered allow you to enter in all of your data and it will create a schedule for you to follow - therefore increasing productivity and...profits!! Organization is key to running a successful business.

Hiring The Right Team:

As we previously mentioned, the green industry is on the rise, therefore help is needed. It can be very challenging to find the right fit for your team, or help that can endure the tough work, but have hope, there are hard-working, loyal people out there.

One way to find great candidates is to ask for referrals from current employees. This not only shows your appreciation for them but usually ends with finding strong and reliable candidates.

Something that really aids to the success of lawn and landscape businesses is the image of the company. It is highly recommended that when you find the right workers, provide them with uniforms and show a united front with trust present.  A team that supports each other, is a team that will lead you and your business to success.

Post Guards are a great way to increase sales and customer loyalty.


Aid your company in standing out, increasing profits and building trust with these 3 tips. Keep up the hard work!

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