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Stain and Seal Experts Wood Restoration

Stain and Seal Samples and Accessories

Who doesn’t love a few Stain and Seal samples and accessories? At Fence Armor® we are all about post protection, but we also want you to clean and protect your deck. The right fence stain or deck stain will give you options to highlight the beauty of the wood.

Cleaning the deck before staining is essential to the quality of the finished work. The clean deck is a safe one and is easier to stain and protect. A protected fence or deck is a protected investment.

The Stain and Seal samples and accessories will give you an idea of where to start with deck color schemes. Deck stain gives wood the protection it needs after a good cleaning. Our stain and seal samples and accessories will get your deck clean and ready for you to get to work.

Stain & Seal Samples

Do you know what every fence and deck needs to stay looking fresh? The simple answer is a regular coat of a Stain & Seal Experts product. A deck stain or fence stain protects the wood and increases curb value.

Maybe you’re not sure of what color stain to use on the wood? Trying a sample deck stain or fence stain will help you see how good the structure can look. Staining a small sample area will give you an idea of the full effect.

Our bucket of Stain and Seal samples and accessories contains 16 bottles of two-ounce stains. You can choose from Pecan to Chocolate to Barnwood and all colors in between. Testing is easy and is better than making mistakes with the wrong color. A fence stain sample can go on the back of a post.

When you see the color on the deck or fence, you will know which one is right for your property. The bucket of stain and seal samples and accessories will help with the decision-making.

Wood Stripper and Deck Stain Remover

Every deck needs stripping before you begin the work. Years of growth, wear and tear, and old coatings build up on the wood. The new coat of stain will not soak into the wood, if you don't get the wood ready first.

No doubt you will come across a few stubborn stains along the way. Your Uncle Jim spilled a glass of red wine while watching the sun go down, or the kids dropped sauce from the barbecue. Stains soak into the wood and are difficult to remove. They need not become permanent.

Cleaning the deck before staining is essential to doing a good job. Our Wood Stripper and Deck Stain Remover will take care of the old coatings and stains. Made from the strongest yet safest of ingredients, the stripper will soon have the deck sparkling clean.

Wood Brightener

Once the wood is clean and free of stains, it needs to return to its natural color. Any alkaline cleaner will bleach the wood, and you need to restore the Ph levels once more.

You will need to prepare the wood before doing the stain and seal work. Our Wood Brightener is perfect for all wood surfaces. The original color is restored to the wood, and the grain pores are open to take the stain. A deck or fence stain will soak into the wood and make the project go quickly.

Every wood restoration project needs a wood brightener after cleaning the deck before staining.

Wood Cleaner and Stain Remover

Not every wood surface needs stripping. It does not mean, of course, that the deck is clean and free of stains. Many decks need a good clean with the right product.

If you are looking to remove algae growth, mildew, and the leftovers from a summer of entertaining, then get out our Wood Cleaner and Stain Remover. Often people use this when cleaning the deck before doing a stain and seal for the first time. It is an ideal product to remove contractor stains and lumber stamps.

After cleaning the deck before staining, you will still need to use a Wood Brightener to restore color and the Ph values.

Eco Cleaner and Oxygenated Wood Bleach

Often people are worried about using cleaning products where the kids play, or the family pet sleeps during the day. If you are cleaning the deck before staining and want to do it in an eco-friendly way, this is the product for you.

Our Eco Cleaner and Oxygenated Wood Bleach works perfectly on lightly soiled or non-sealed wood. It’s a safe cleaner that brightens decks, docks, doors, and fences. It goes on with a sprayer or the old-fashioned bucket and brush.

You will also need a wood brightener to bring the surface back to its shiny best when finished.