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FENCE ARMOR - Protection For Your Fence Posts


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Bruce, Garden Show 105.1 FM in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

“Fence Armor protects against damage caused by gas and electric powered yardedge trimmers that spin hard nylon or steel cord at speeds between 7,500 and 11,000 RPM and can chew up wood fences, decks and rails, the manufacture and sales of which are expected to be an $11.8 billion industry by 2012, according to a report by Mindbranch.”

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Frank Jablonski, Amazon Reviewer

“Great product! It will protect my fence for years to come. Highly recommended.”

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Fernwud, Amazon Reviewer

“They work really well. We tried using ones from Home Depot and they got completely torn up. These are holding up wonderfully. The landscapers were destroying my deck posts..”

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William E. Downing, Amazon Reviewer

“While it seems expensive for some pieces of metal folded to fit a fence post, they are worth every penny. I have a 10 year old fence, and I pay someone to cut my grass and weed eat. Slowly but surely the posts have been wearing away. I have considered using weed killer, but you have to spray it all the time, and they still tend to run the weed eater by them just to make sure they get any grass. I thought about landscaping so there wouldn't be any grass next to them. But that would have taken a lot of effort and money since I have a very large fence. I have about 65 4x4 posts. I just wish I had known about these years ago rather than every summer think about doing something, and weighing on my mind. The one thing I might change if I could would be to make these an inch or two taller, so they cover a bit more of the fence post, but I could tell that on 9 out of 10 of the posts, they covered all of the area that was being worn away by the weed eaters, and on the other ones, it wasn't much that was still exposed.”

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Gary Laidler, Amazon Reviewer

“Excellent product and worked perfectly as described. I was able to do all my fence posts, plus the mail box post, in less than an hour. I only wish I had found these earlier before wearing down my posts with the weed wacker. I would recommend this to anyone that has to trim grass around a wooden fence or mail box post.”

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Robin, Home Owner's Association in Pennsylvania.

“I'm located in the US, and there was no other product out there on the market that could provide protection to the large investment we had in our fence. Our HOA went forward with ordering and installing Fence Armor in 2014. We have gone through one entire lawn maintenance season and the association is extremely happy with the Fence Armor product and the customer service is top notch! The Fence Armor (Powder Coated) looks like the day we installed it. No scratches, dings or dents. I can say, without hesitation, that this product is without a doubt well worth every penny for the protection of any fence. I highly recommend!”

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Herb, Sterling Condominium Services in Scarborough, Ontario.

“We are pleased to write this letter of recommendation to express our complete satisfaction with the Fence Armor Galvanized grass trimming guards. We have been looking for a solution to this insidious problem where our property fences are damaged by grass trimmers used by our lawn maintenance teams. Sterling Properties prides itself on having beautifully manicured estates for our home owners, as such we are always looking for solutions that protect our condominium.”

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Bob, Crispline Fence Systems in Hamilton, Ontario.

“Finally we have found a product that will effectively protect fence posts from damage caused by grass trimmers. Since using Fence Armor, we are confident that our wood fences will last much longer because of the added protection at the most vulnerable part of the fence. Post replacement is the most expensive fence repair and may be avoided by the use of Fence Armor, which is inexpensive and simple to install.”

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Debra, Fastsigns in Orlando, Florida.

“Fence Post Protectors has been so easy to work with! I work in the sign industry and have customers looking for a solution to protect their community posts from damage from landscaping equipment. I found Fence Post Protectors through online research and have helped multiple communities and will continue to use this product. Easy to order and easy to install.”

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