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Postsaver® Accessories – Fence Post Protector Sleeves

Postsaver® is a unique fence post protector sleeves. It will protect your fence post against rot, mildew, and termite infestation. A huge plus of Postsaver® is that it is so simple to apply to your fence posts, alongside the other Postsaver® Accessories. Even better news is that Fence Armor® has all the Postsaver® accessories you need to do the work.

Fence post protector sleeves save your post from damage at the crucial groundline level. The wood post protective sleeve goes on before you bury the post in the dirt. Applying the wood post saver wrap is easy.

Our Postsaver® accessories are what make that work so easy. Each accessory and post saver wrap has a use and will be invaluable when you are protecting your fence posts. A post saver will stop the rot, and our accessory range is the first step in getting the job done quickly.

Postsaver® Heavy Duty Roller

When installing the wood post protective sleeve on your fence posts, you will get blistering under the surface. The air trapped between the fence post protector sleeves and the posts can bubble under pressure and cause problems. Even if you squeeze the post wrap on tightly, you will still get a few air bubbles.

If you do not get rid of the air bubbles, they will burst, and the wood post protective sleeve will not work correctly.

Our Postsaver® heavy duty roller solves the problem of air bubbles. The metal roller is designed to press out the trapped air without damaging the post wrap sleeve. Easy to use and vital to the work, keep these Postsaver® accessories on hand when applying the post saver sleeves.

SIEVERT Professional Heavy Duty Torch

SIEVERT is a trusted name in heat torch manufacturing with over 130 years in the business. You know when using one of their products that you are handling a torch of quality.

When applying the Postsaver® wood post protective sleeve, you need heat to mold it into place. A SIEVERT torch is designed for professionals who want to do quality work. The fence post protector sleeves shrink into place in only seconds with this professional torch.

The lightweight, easy-to-use trigger torch is easy to light in all conditions. You can connect it to the same tank as your barbecue, and a standard regulator is included. Our Postsaver® accessories and wood post protective sleeve offer even includes a durable canvas carry case.

Postsaver® Trade Torch

Another heavy-duty heat torch for when applying the fence post protector sleeves. Our Postsaver® trade torch is ideal for both the homeowner and the professional. If you only have a small quantity of wood post protective sleeves to apply, then this is the torch for you.

You apply the post wrap over the foot of the fence. Measure on the post where the post saver is to go and get the torch out and ready. Mold the post saver into place, and your posts are protected for many years to come. The Postsaver® Trade Torch is meant to make the experience of this installation a simple and easy one.

You can attach the blowtorch to any standard propane gas tank, even your barbecue one. A professional US and Canada regulator is included. If you have any questions at all, we are always here to help.

SIEVERT Trigger Piezo Repair Kit

We all know things can go wrong. There you are, out applying the Postsaver® wood post protective sleeves when the trigger breaks on your SIEVERT professional heavy duty torch. It’s late on a Saturday afternoon, and you want to finish the work by night time. Who doesn’t want a Sunday to spend with the family? Don’t worry, we are here to help.

Luckily our SIEVERT trigger Piezo repair kit is in your canvas carry bag. It is one of the very good Postsaver® accessories to keep in there. All you need to do is whip it out, do the repairs, and you are good to go again. The repair kit is packed with the new style that has an orange trigger and a grey or black handle. Your repaired trigger is good for another 10k ignitions. Sunday with the kids is looking good again and relaxation is in your sights.

Do not get stuck without your trigger repair kit. Keep one of these in your bag. You never know when you might need it. It always better to be prepared.

Speaking of being prepared, on top of the Postsaver® Accessories, be sure to check out the other products in the Fence Armor® Post Protection Line-up. Between our Post Guards, the CAP CLAW™ Post Caps and Finials, as well as the Titan Decking Products and Stain & Seal Experts Fence and Deck Stain, you can be sure that anything you may need to have a beautiful outdoor space is at your fingertips.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality products that you can trust to give you a space that brings you joy and relaxation.