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The Mailbox Post Protection You Need

Our Standard Protection with Above Standard Results

One of the things we take a lot of pride in here at Fence Armor® is the options we provide. When it comes to mailbox post installation and post protection, that remains true. Here at Fence Armor® we have two products, with a variety of options. First, we are going to be talking about our 3˝ tall Full & Mailbox Post Protectors, that provide protection for sizes starting at 3.00˝ x 3.00˝ up to 8.00˝ x 8.00˝. By trusting in the Fence Armor® vinyl post wrap or wood post wrap, you can put the thought of mailbox post replacement away.

The complete 365/360° is perfect for mailbox post installation or custom mailbox post as it will protect against damage from the trimmer line, yard clean-up and any fence maintenance. Gone are the days of worrying about trimming by your mailbox post. Now with a simple and very easy installation, you can save time and enjoy a beautiful curb appeal with your exquisite custom mailbox post and Fence Armor® fence post protection guards.

Make a Statement with Pro Series Post Protection

Alongside the Fence Armor® Full Post Protection, the Pro Series Post Protection is just as strong and straightforward to install; the only difference: height. If you are looking for a higher level of protection for your mailbox post installation, then the Pro Series Post Protection is for you. These post guards, that go by many names, such as vinyl post wrap or fence post protector guards, stand at 6˝ tall and protect sizes starting at 3.00˝ x 3.00˝ up to 8.00˝ x 8.00˝.  The trimmer line or lawn mower has no chance against these strong guards, made of American steel.

Don’t waste the time or money you spent on a custom mailbox post by letting trimmer line damage your mailbox posts. Unfortunately, unprotected wood, vinyl or even metal fence posts mean that damage is inevitable. With the Fence Armor® Pro Series Post Guard vinyl post wrap, you are not only making future mailbox post installation a breeze, but you are protecting your pre-existing posts from any further damage. Take the worry of mailbox post replacement out of the equation and trust in Fence Armor®.

Heighten The Look Of Your Custom Mailbox Post with Fence Armor®

Often times a mailbox post is the first thing you see when you pull up to a property. It has the wonderful ability to heighten the home’s curb appeal, as well as be a place for packages and letters alike. That is, if the damages of trimmer line, lawn mowers and weather don’t ravage the strength and or appeal of the post. Although it is just one post, mailbox post replacement can be tricky, frustrating and the time can be better spent somewhere else. With the Fence Armor® vinyl post wrap or wood post wrap, you are ensuring that your custom mailbox post stays in beautiful condition in aesthetics as well as strength.

You can say goodbye to the looming of mailbox post replacement, now you can be sure that when you design a charming mailbox, it will last. No trimmer line, lawn-mower or dreary day can defeat your post.

Prevent, Protect, Prolong The Life Of Your Mailbox Posts Today

Enjoy mailbox post installation, get creative and trust in the vinyl post wrap fence protectors to offer protection you can count on.

With the Fence Armor® Full Post Protection and Pro Series Post Protection, you no longer need to worry about mailbox post replacement, but of the possibilities of what you can showcase. With post protection out of the way, you can add personality to your mailbox posts with the Fence Armor® Universal Post Caps and Decorative Finials. The best part of a home is making it yours. Leave the worry of protecting your mailbox posts to Fence Armor®.