You Don't Have to Live With Damaged Fence Posts!

You Don't Have to Live With Damaged Fence Posts!

May 10 2016

Last week, Fence Armor was at the Community Associations Institute 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition in Orlando Florida. It was there, when getting our rental car, that we met a fellow that was curious about our big signs and miniature model fences - and who can blame him!

Al Martins and Luis Ruivo showcasing Fence Armor at the Community Asociations Institute Florida Expo.

We told our interested onlooker about our product and our mission. Fences are being torn apart nation-wide by weed whackers, and Fence Armor wants to put a stop to it with our powder coated, galvanized steel fence guards. He was almost taken aback. Lo and behold, he'd been talking to his property owner for months about finding a product like that! Weed trimmer damages had left their fences looking beaten and ugly at the bottoms, and he decided that he was done putting up with it!

This is how your wood fence post will end up if it's not protected!

So why tell this story? Perhaps it was simply a stroke of luck for the renter and his fence posts, but we at Fence Armor think it speaks volumes about the public perception of fence post damages. Grass trimmers leave these ugly gashes on fence posts, and no one thinks it's okay, and yet people see it as something that can't be avoided. They think it has to be accepted.

A wooden fence post protected from weed trimmer damage by Fence Armor!

We're here to tell you that that's not the case. Fences don't have to be banged and bruised at the bottom. You don't have to stand for these eyesores in your neighborhood! Get Fence Armor and keep your fence posts looking as good as new!

Fence Armor is the best defence for your fence!

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