How to Touch Up Fence Stain with a Rag w/ Stain & Seal Experts Wood Stain | Fence Armor

Hey guys so as you can see it's a beautiful day outside today so we thought it was a perfect time to give some love to this fence. It hasn't been stained in about three years and we haven't treated it, we haven't sanded it, we're just adding some more stain. As you can see down below there's a little bit more areas that need a little bit more TLC than up above and it's the perfect day to do it. So we're just going to go in with a rag, it's all I have here. I didn't really feel like going out and buying more or buying $15 to $100 worth of stuff, it's not gonna be a professional job but it's perfect for just a homeowner like me. So, we're gonna dip in and a little goes a long way and the great thing about Stain & Seal Experts is its an oil stain so the wood will suck up as much as it needs to, you can go crazy, I mean your girl loves her creamer in her coffee, so just go big or go home. It's very very forgiving so instantly you can see the difference and you just keep going in, it's not a super messy job and with the cloth you have a lot of control so if you're doing a fence that's right up against the neighbor you can make sure that you're getting only your fence and this is Walnut. I mean all the colors in the Stain & Seal Experts line up are beautiful but it's just a beautiful brown, perfect for this fence and it's really something on a day like today. You could get a podcast going or some music and just find a little bit of peace outside. You're doing something productive, you're enjoying the weather before the winter comes, it's a perfect thing to do honestly and you're not breaking your back. I mean i'm 25 going on 45 so we need to rest the back and for little crooks in the fence you’ve got a lot more control because you can use your finger. Make sure to wear gloves, always advised and it's one of those things that's oddly satisfying and gives you instant gratification which we all love.