Digging with an Auger: How To | Little Beaver | Fence Armor

I'm Shawn King, a certified fence professional and certified fence contractor since I was eight years old. I have lived, breathed and sweat fence. We need to stop building fences like granddad and start building fence like our kids will need to in the future. This is Mr. Fence Academy. Okay one person will try to pick it up here and one person will try to pick it up here, okay bad. It's really bad if you try to pick it up from this bar, this bar right here I see this all the time. There's a grab right here and here to pick it up and somebody will pick up that end what happens if I put my finger in my hand here and I lift it, it starts to pinch as I lift higher, this goes down it'll pinch your finger. I've seen fingers get exploded because as soon as it starts to pinch your finger what are you going to do you're going to pull to get your finger out, the harder you pull the more it's going to smash your finger. Okay so I don't want anyone's hand around that at all in this area. So the way you pick it up with one person is you come on this side of the machine, you grab the axle and the bar, as one person there's no way you put your hand in the wrong spot. All right, so if I pick it up here one person can pick this up, it doesn't weigh very much. It's very awkward if you try to pick up any other way but I'm holding the axe on this bar. If you had to lift it up into the truck this is where you won't pick it up, you don't want to try to pick it up from this bar all right. We want to use our knee into this and I can push my knee backward, forward to move that bit up and down and use both hands now to hold this auger bit line up with a hole, push the button that's as easy as it is to put it on by by yourself, it’s not two people. Okay, to get it off it's the same thing, push on it. I'm holding the weight with my knee, the bits off the ground wiggle the bit and pull it back off, makes sense? How do we move it from here right? So with it off with it off I can carry from the bit if it's running, I don't want to carry it from the bit. So if it's off this a great way to move it around all right if it's running it's here all right we don't want to hold that if that's running. Something I want to talk about is as we were auguring those holes if you notice I was walking the auger in a circle, that’s very important to walk that auger in a circle because it allows that auger bit to grab and dig faster then you just try to go down straight. It also opens the hole up a little bit, there's a little bit of a wider hole and makes it easier to pull the auger bit back out. You notice when I went to pull it up it came around the hole, if I try to go straight down, what happens is for you to get the full depth you really got to work hard to get back out of the ground but as you walk it around you fling the dirt out on top of the hole. Ending up with a cleaner hole faster if I walk in a circle.