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FENCE ARMOR - Protection For Your Fence Posts

Why Stop At Fence Preservative? Our Fence Guard Will Extend the Life of Your Fence By Years!

Fence Armor's post protector standing up to a weed eater
Fence Armor's post protector standing up to a weed eater. Prolong the life of your fence!

Adding fence preservative isn’t enough to keep your fence standing longer when your fence posts get damaged, you need a fence guard too. When your fence post gets damaged by weed whackers and the likes, it creates space for moisture and insects to live in, which promotes further damage and rot, and eventually leads to a replacement much sooner than expected. There are a few products on the market that claim to protect your fence from the likes of critters, weed eaters, and various landscaping tools, but among these post protectors, one product stands out as the most reliable, most resilient, and most worthwhile investment. That fence guard is Fence Armor.

A white fence post rotting and damaged
A white wood fence post rotting and damaged. This is what can happen when your fence post is torn by weed eaters.

Fence Armor is a two piece fence post protector. Each piece covers one side of your fence post, and connect together for full protection. Contrary to other fence guards, Fence Armor installs quickly and easily. One piece can be installed in seconds with a single screw, no hammers or shovels required! Also unlike other fence post protectors, which are made of cheap plastics, Fence Armor is made of American 22 gauge G90 galvanized steel, so it can resist blows from the strongest weed trimmers.

Fence Armor's fence guard being applied to a fence post
Fence Armor's fence guard being applied to a fence post. Fence Armor is extremely easy to install, and protects your fence from harm!

Other fence post guards stand out, covering too much of the fence, not matching the color or texture, and some even cover the grass around your fence! Why compromise the beauty of your yard when you can keep it looking as good as new with Fence Armor? Fence Armor fits snug to your fence posts, and only covers what’s needed to prevent weed eater tears and other damages, and if you’d like to cover more, they come with the ability to stack on top of each other, for protection against higher reaching equipment. It also comes in multiple colors and textures to match your property's gradient.

Fence Armor post protector with a wood texture
Fence Armor post protector with a wood texture. Fence Armor comes with a multitude of options for textures and colors, so you can match any style of fence.

Fence Armor is fit for any kind of fence post. It can protect wood fence posts, square or round, any size, as well as vinyl, ornamental (aluminum or steel), and chainlink fence posts. It doesn't matter if you have a picket fence, a dog fence, or a privacy fence, because Fence Armor has you covered no matter what! Fence Armor can even be used to protect your mailbox posts and deck posts from string trimmer damage. Whether you’re looking to preserve your fence for years to come, or keep your yard looking good without endangering your fence posts, Fence Armor is right for you.

An ornamental fence post damaged by a weed eater
An ornamental fence post damaged by a weed eater. Even metal posts benefit from fence post guards!

The idea for Fence Armor comes from the desire for a solution to fence post damage caused by weed eaters. Al Martins along with his partner Luis Ruivo, inventors and owners of Fence Armor, had spent a large amount for the fence on Al’s property, only to have the fence posts damaged severely by landscapers. A look online showed Al that, at the time, there was no product available to prevent this string trimmer damage that’s so common on fence posts. With his and Luis’s knowledge and background in engineering and manufacturing, they made it their mission to create a product that would prevent this damage from happening, and add years to the life of fences. Your fence is an investment to keep your yard looking great, so don’t let weed whackers be the end of them!

A weed eater damaging a wood fence post
A weed eater damaging a wood fence post. Don't let your yard maintenance get in the way of your fence's longevity!

Fence Armor is a must-have for HOA and property managers, landscapers, lawn care and fencing companies, and individual home owners alike! Make weed eater damages a thing of the past, use fence post protection to keep your fence alive and your yard looking healthy. Use Fence Armor! Fence Armor can be purchased online, and is available in a few select locations in Ontario. It ships from our Canadian locations, but will soon be shipping from our American offices as well. Fence Armor will also be appearing on the next seasons of Dragons’ Den and Operation Build, on CBC, and A&E/FYI respectively, so don’t miss out on this revolutionary product! Don’t stop at fence preservative, take the extra step and use our fence guard to prolong the life of your fence.