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FENCE ARMOR - Protection For Your Fence Posts

Looking Into Fence Treatment? Do More to Protect Your Wood Fence!

A severly damaged wooden fence post
A severly damaged wooden fence post.

Fence treatment is important for protecting your wood fence from rot, insects, and other elements of the outdoors, but are you doing enough to preserve your fence? When the bottom of your fence posts are scraped and torn by weed eaters, chipped by spades and hoes, or gnawed on by wildlife, the various treatments become ineffective at keeping your fence long-standing. Once the inside of the wood is exposed to nature, it becomes a breeding ground for insects, moisture, and rot-causing fungi, which inevitably leads to the destruction of your wooden fence. Replacing a fence is a large investment, so how can you avoid the trouble? The answer is Fence Armor.

A wooden fence that deserves proper fence treatment
A wooden fence deserves proper fence treatment.

For modern wood fences, rot-resistant woods such as cedar, paired with treatment or sealant, make for fences that can stand up to water damages on the surface. However, when the inside of the fence posts become exposed, it becomes much easier for moisture to spread. Weed eaters are the number one threat to the integrity of your fence posts. Spinning at speeds greater than 7000 RPM, they tear away at wood in seconds, leaving the untreated, less resistant wood on the inside to face the elements. The goal of Fence Armor is to tackle that problem at its roots. Instead of finding a way to make the wood more resistant, Fence Armor aims to protect fence posts from tears and scratches in the first place, so that your fence can get the most out of its life.

A wood fence post protected by Fence Armor
A wood fence post protected by Fence Armor.

Fence Armor is a two piece guard, with each piece covering half of a fence post. The pieces join together from each side and install with a single screw, no digging or hammering required! Seconds of weed trimmer damage will shorten the life of your wooden fence, but a two minute installation of Fence Armor with lengthen it! Fence Armor is made of G90, 22 gauge galvanized steel so it can withstand blows from even the most powerful weed whackers. It’s also available powder coated in several different colors and texture, to match the style of your fence posts without compromising any protection.

Fence Armor goes on your wood fence with ease
Fence Armor goes on your wood fence with ease!

The concept was born when Al Martins, the inventor of Fence Armor, became fed up with his landscapers always damaging his wooden fence with their weed eaters. Not only would this result in damages and costly replacements, but Al thought that the scratches and tears had a negative impact on the beauty of his fence. A stroll through the neighborhood would show that this wasn’t a problem that only he was facing. Wooden fences, vinyl fences, ornamental and even chain-link fences all around are littered with ugly markings and chips on the bottom of the posts, all because of weed trimmer damage. Fence post damage is something that people have accepted as a part of owning a Fence, but the Fence Armor mission is to change that view. Al likens it to the invention of the retractable seatbelt. Before the seatbelt was invented and introduced to the automotive industry, the general public saw risk of death as an inevitability when driving. Just like how the seatbelt showed that automobile safety is an option, Fence Armor aims to show that good looking, longer lasting fences are an option!

Wood Fence with Fence Armor installed
A wood fence with Fence Armor installed. Protect your wooden fence with Fence Armor!

Fence Armor can be purchased online, as well as in a few select locations in Ontario. It ships from Burlington, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, and will soon be shipping from our US locations. Prevent your fence posts from being eaten away by rot caused by weed trimmer damages. Don’t stop at fence treatment, protect your wood fence, or any other fence with Fence Armor!