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FENCE ARMOR - Protection For Your Fence Posts

Keep Your Privacy Fence Looking Beautiful With Proper Fence Care

Your privacy fence is a part of what makes your yard calm and homely, but are you practicing proper fence care to keep it that way? Your fence is the defining feature of your property. The quality and beauty of your privacy fence will convince onlookers that behind it lies a gorgeous property. There are many methods to keeping up appearances when it comes to your fence, and the goal of this article is to touch on those options, as well as show you the extra step you can take to beautify your fence with Fence Armor.

The gate of a wood privacy fence.
The gate of a wood privacy fence. With proper Fence care you can keep it looking beautiful!

The best methods for good fence care depends mainly on the type of fence you have. Wood fences are especially popular for privacy fences, but also some of the most difficult to care for. The most important thing you can do to maintain a wood fence is to be sure that the posts are treated before they go into the ground. This helps to protect against unsightly rot and insects, as well as water damage. The pickets do not require any treatment, but wood preservative can be applied to help deal with water damage, and various other outside elements. It also helps to keep bushes, vines, and other plants out of contact with the fence, since they promote moisture.

A wood privacy fence.
A wood fence can be a challenge to maintain, but they make for good, beautiful privacy fences.

Rising in popularity over the last few years, vinyl fences are also a great choice for privacy fencing, and have the advantage of being much easier to maintain than wood fencing. Rot and insects don’t pose a threat, so the major action you can take to keep your vinyl fence looking good is cleaning it with some soap and water every once in a while to remove the inevitable grime that comes with being exposed to the outdoors. Otherwise, the only other thing to look out for is the possibility of mildew, which must be cleaned with a special cleaner.

Long vinyl privacy fence
A long vinyl privacy fence. Note the Fence Armor on the bottom. Keep reading for more info on that!

Ornamental fences aren’t the most popular choice for privacy fences, but they can still be arranged as one with the use of other products, and are useful for a handful of other things. On top of all that, they also last a very long time, with very little maintenance. The largest part of maintenance with these metal fences is the inevitability of rust, which can be removed in small sections with steel wool, and repainted. When it comes to ornamental fences, it’s important to consider the material and powder coating quality before purchasing. Many aluminum ornamental fences are lighter and less durable than their steel counterparts, and a bad powder coating job can result in oxidizing and peeling. Less severe cases of this can be solved with some soap, water, and car wax.

An ornamental fence.
An ornamental fence may not be the best privacy fence, but they can certainly be a beautiful addition to your yard!

Lastly, chain-link fencing is certainly the most economical choice for a fence, but isn’t particularly the best choice for a privacy fence. Like ornamental fences though, chain-link fences can be converted to privacy fences with the proper product, and are also extremely easy to maintain. Depending on the material, rust is also a threat to these fences, but can be maintained using the same methods as ornamental fences. Otherwise, vines and other plants can wrap around parts of chain-link fencing, which can weigh down and bend your fence over time, so they are best removed.

A chain-link privacy fence
A chain-link fence is an inexpensive investment, with less maintenance, but require added panels or covers to act as a privacy fence.

While different fences call for different maintenance methods, there is one thing that poses a threat to the beauty of any fence - Weed eaters. A large part of keeping your property looking great is eliminating trimming weeds and grass, but a problem arises when you or your landscapers trim too close to your privacy fence. String trimmers can spin at thousands of rotations per minute, and at best they only scratch up your fence posts. At worst, weed-whackers can tear off pieces at the bottom of your fence posts and leave space for moisture and rot. You want your yard to look nice, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice trimming by your fence posts, so what can you do? You can use Fence Armor.

Fence post damaged by weed eater
This is what fence post damage caused by a weed eater can look like. Fence Armor prevents your posts from being torn up!

Fence Armor is a fence guard that goes on the bottom of your fence posts in order to protect it from weed eater damages. It’s made from 100% American galvanized steel, so it can stand up to even the fastest, most powerful string trimmers without the risk of being scratched or damaged. Fence Armor installs in seconds with a single screw, with each piece covering half of a fence post. Fence armor is designed for any type of fence post of any size and shape, and can even be used for mailbox and deck posts. Fence Armor is available in multiple colors as well as textures in order to fit with the style of your fence, so you don’t have to compromise any beauty for protection.

A fence post protected by Fence Armor
A fence post protected by Fence Armor. It goes on with ease!

Take care of your fence! A well maintained fence leads to a well maintained property. By following the tips outlined in this article you can keep your fence looking nice for years to come. Keep your neighbors, HOAs, and yourself happy by keeping your fence well cared for, and protected by Fence Armor. Your privacy fence is the guardian of your paradise, and it deserves proper fence care.